Killer Teens In New Orleans (Re​-​Animated)

by Gaye Bykers On Acid

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Artwork by Simon Tripcony


released March 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Gaye Bykers On Acid UK

GBOA , the psychedelic electro punk pop 'grebo' combo from LA, the Leicester Area, unleashed their unique style of music onto the scene between 1986-2017.Here is a collection of every track they have ever recorded, including a few live performances and previously unreleased tracks.They are in chronological order, latest first, studio tracks then live tracks. ... more

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Track Name: Killer Teens In New Orleans (Re-Animated)
These are not exact, you'll have to contact Kev Byker for a full translation !

And I heard the sound as my feet hit the ground
And I'm walking on air like I knew I should
I should be taken in hand
By the girl with no plans
If she behaves we can feed
And her shop is encrust
I got a trip from a rancid ship
A hurricane from an open brain
And we're proud of these
A Los Tyranny's so we can pick out again
And stick my feet in the terrain
And then drain, drives you insane
And I said don't tell me
When Jilly was told she was a six years old
She had fun with the pliers, snipping the wires
Better take out her teeth
Throw em in the reef
Another public health on the satanic pulse
She's eating heads everywhere
Her eyes afraid and her skin is grey
We better let her rest, transmission set
And in a state of hate
She can correct her ways
Always , no ways
Take out her teeth , and take a tooth to the roofs again
And we can steal the pride from our worn out friends
We can touch his hat and then laugh at the act
From the rim of his festering skin
And communion halls religious balls
They're murdering peers in their later years
They make you greed for the things you don't need
Like acid showers and nuclear powers
Let the master rest upon my chest
And get the violin and we can start to sin
The reverend sees the diocese
Like a sanctuary for the home of disease
And you can bang your head
Bang your head to this
Now we stare at the doors and the windows and floors
We come up again as the horse hits the bling
Gods reading loot on the end of my boot
While another dog dies you forgot to tie
Relax don't pay the tax we've got nothing to lose
We can live as we choose
It's such a waste , when you're playing with fate
Right above your station with (radiation)
Contain those lips, watch it slip
And shuffle around on Sabrina's hips
The hour glass feeling bad
Drinking mescaline from the dead girls skin
And sickness signs supporting crime
Homogenous in your home of trust
Is this a dream
On the TV screen
Can I kill the teens in New Orleans
Kkkkkkkilller teens in New Orleans